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In this first part I connect with you and your soul and see what your path in 2021 has in store for you.


I will then carefully draw 2 cards for each month for the next 12 months, which will show you which topics are important to you. I work with my own set of cards and a beautiful Egyptian set. I then put a wonderful circle with the 24 cards on it and activate it with your very own energy. I'll take a picture of it and email it to you.


For more than 25 years I have been working energetically with people and have developed a very fine intuition and sensitivity. I will record your personal audio for you, with all the messages per month that will bring you into your own strength, self-empowerment and acceptance. Through precise questions that I will ask you, you will become extremely clear, you can see your growth with all its possibilities and come more and more into your center every month.

This work is extremely valuable to me because I will show you intuitively and with a lot of clarity what is relevant for you for a successful 2021.

For ethical reasons it is important for me to say that it is not a reading in the future and has no religious or esoteric intentions.

The reading frees you from self-criticism and overload and leads you into your very own heart.

It gives you absolute clarity and exact points during the year where you can strengthen yourself energetically.